Fiber Glass Textile Products
From cloth, tape, rope to gaskets, find a variety of fiberglass textile products at Eastwell Industries Pvt. Ltd. These products are versatile, dimensionally stable, electrical insulated, and can resist chemicals.
Ceramic Textile Products
Explore a wide range of ceramic textile products to meet your bulk product requirement. Our company can supply any one or many from the list in exact quantities customers demand.
Welding Blankets
Welding blankets are used by the welders to protect themselves and the equipment during welding. Our company presents a variety of this safety equipment to select from.

Industrial Brake Lining
Eastwell Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a reliable provider of both, asbestos and asbestos free industrial brake linings. The lining is assembled with backing to make a brake shoe, also called brake pad.
Non Asbestos Safety Products
Browse through a list of non asbestos safety products to find products you need. The suit, shoes, gloves, and hood are made in a way to protect personnel in hazardous working environments.
Industrial Woven Brake Lining
Industrial woven brake lining range comprises both, asbestos and asbestos-free woven brake linings. The high strength linings are flexible and resistant to oil and seawater.

Ceramic Rope

Ceramic Rope is a highly durable and flexible packaging materials which is used for making temper proof covering over various kinds objects. They are highly tensile in nature with excellent physical as well as chemical properties for longer service life.

Asbestos products
From yarn, cloth, woven tape, rope to packing, buy from us a range of asbestos products. These products are used in different industrial spheres for characteristics, such as durability, flexibility and resistance to temperature, chemical and fire. 

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